GES Website

  • Client: GES
  • Skills: Interviewing, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitor Research, Persona Development, Information Architecture, Interaction & Visual Design, Development
  • Technology: Drupal CMS

GES Web Site

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES) is a 30-year company specializing in environmental engineering, remediation, and consulting, serving B2B needs in and around the United States and locations outside the country. The company needed a modern, responsive website that reflects GES’s commitment to safety, quality, and success.

The solution needed to allow for easier access to mobile devices, showcase the company’s strengths, and encourage more potential clients to visit and stay engaged on the website. The site had lacked the appropriate content and the ability to find it quickly.

As part of our design process, we performed considerable research to understand better GES’s current website infrastructure, offerings, operations, future business requirements, and clients. After identifying and fleshing out the personas that would interact with the site, we analyzed the website offerings of GES’s direct competitors. These heuristic evaluations identified the key features and best practices needed for the new design to maximize user experience and functional impact. At the same time, we acquired a market perspective of the industry to help uncover opportunities to stand out and offer strategic advantages for the site.

GES required branding to be clean, clear, and consistent, reflecting the company’s nature in tone, voice, and imagery. Targeted marketing and messaging would not only drive the brand and unique value proposition of GES but communicate and connect with constituents both inside and outside the company to build strong relationships.

The content was determined, developed, and qualified through metrics, stakeholder and client feedback, and structured under easy-to-use simple navigation. More projects were added to the website to showcase GES’s expertise in each service area. Human Resources initiatives were designed into a revamped Careers section to attract job seekers into pursuing a rewarding career with GES. With locations all across the United States and the Caribbean, we focused particular attention on the ease of use in locating an office and contacting them.

Today, GES has a new web presence designed, written, and developed expressly for each audience. Now that is “environmental” engineering.