Branding & Identity

The Power of Brand can elevate a company, business, or organization from a mere commodity to a valued, long-term partner. Our team of experienced, insightful designers and strategists will work with you to develop, create, and maintain a distinctive market identity to drive differentiation and success for years to come.

Strong, Memorable & Consistent

Your unique brand is a combination of many things. A great logo, compelling look, a tagline that says it all. It’s a tone and voice that’s clear, concise, and always on-message. A promise to deliver where there’s never a doubt. And then the intangible stuff like attitude, emotion, personality. All part of a multi-layered value proposition crafted to represent everything you stand for…


Here’s How We Can Help

Brand Discovery

At the core of a successful branding program is a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding upon which to build a winning strategy. Our team will get to know your business, your industry, your competition, and your customers. We’ll meet with you, leverage your unique perspective, research the market landscape, ask a lot of questions…and LEARN. How do people see you now? How do you want to be seen moving forward?

Brand Strategy

A great brand strategy acts as a guiding light for all future communications and decision-making. With the discovery phase complete, we’ll work to develop a plan tailored to your goals, strengths, and market opportunities. Together we’ll shape a powerful brand promise and strategy to communicate effectively, using the tactics and channels needed to achieve the kind of results we’re aiming for.

Brand Identity

Visual Assets

The visual elements that support the brand have an enormous impact on effectiveness, especially when they are created and applied with spot-on design. Our creative and strategy teams work with you to provide the perfect visual identity assets; from logo and look, to imagery and graphics, to photography and custom iconography.

Voice and Messaging

A brand’s language and voice are just as important as its visual attributes. From headlines to taglines, ad copy to social, our experienced messaging team will determine the “just right” tone, content and presentation that best resonates with your audience to achieve solid, positive connections.

Branding Guidelines

When it comes to nurturing and maintaining a memorable brand, consistency is everything. It’s the glue that makes things stick. Once the heavy-lifting of discovery and creating is over, we’ll provide a detailed guide for proper usage of all elements in any media or promotional application. That way, your brand will always be presented in the best possible light…the one it was intended to shine in.

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