Cold Chain Logistics

  • Client: AIM
  • Technology: Truck HMI, Edge & Cloud Analytics
  • Venue: IoT World Congress HMI

Cold Chain Logistics Demo

In this demo we showcased our experience design skills by building a working truck HMI that assists a driver delivering temperature-controlled cargo and fleet management screens that can increase operational awareness, efficiency and compliance for a business.

The demo consisted of a three dimensional construct that mimicked a trailer truck dashboard which hid all the computer equipment inside it. The truck HMI monitor was mounted on the dashboard in a convenient viewing location for the driver. A large monitor mounted above the dashboard displayed all the screens a fleet manager could browse. The demo simulated a cross country trip across the U.S. and visitors could view the automated notifications a driver would receive and all the insights and actions a fleet manager would be available for them.

The HMI edge device pulled the truck’s OBDII streaming data and ran SAS ESP analytics on it during the entire trip which allowed us to perform actions automatically and send only the data the fleet manager cares about to the cloud. This gave greater visibility into all aspects of shipping, send alert notifications, predict engine life, truck driver and safety compliance, maintain chain of custody and optimize dock scheduling.