• Client: Henkel
  • Technology: Video Game
  • Venue: Trade Show

LOCTITE® Match Game

Henkel Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial adhesive products. At the Grainger international trade show in Orlando, it was time to shine the spotlight on one of its biggest and most recognizable brands: LOCTITE.

Our Experience Design Team was chosen to design and develop an interactive learning game that would not only draw visitors to the LOCTITE booth; it would entertain, educate and entice them to explore LOCTITE products while they were there.

The “Take the LOCTITE Challenge” Game

“Challenge” was engineered to boost the LOCTITE brand with eye-catching graphics, spot-on messaging and programmed interaction that’s hard to resist. When visitors approached the booth they couldn’t miss the invite to “Take the LOCTITE Challenge” prominently displayed on a large touch-screen monitor that hosted the game.

The objective was simple. You have two minutes to match 10 products to the maintenance solutions they provide in a virtual factory setting. Cracks in a concrete floor? Simply drag over the MagnaCrete product to do the fix. “Yay! You’re good! MagnaCrete is the perfect concrete solution in all kinds of applications.” Loose bolts on a compressor? Drag some Threadlocker over to tighten things up. “You got this! Threadlocker seals the deal on vibrational loosening.” And if you mismatched, you were encouraged to take another shot. “Oh, so close! Here’s a hint: think slippery stairs. Please try again.” You get the picture.

The match game also featured an “Explore” mode so users could do a deeper dive on products they were interested in. And an “Administrator” function was added so the time limit could be altered onsite as needed.

“Take the LOCTITE Challenge” was one of the few interactive experiences at the show and proved to be a big hit with attendees and potential new customers. Visitors that were drawn to the booth walked away with a feeling of fun from an experience that will be tied to the brand and its great products. Lead generation anyone?

Next steps include repurposing the “Challenge” into company laptop sales presentations. And Henkel will be sending the game out on the road in the company’s 48-foot demo trailer so customers throughout the country can experience the many advantages of LOCTITE adhesives.

Hands on. Up close. On target.

Now that’s how you play the game!