Connected Manufacturing UX

  • Partner: SAS
  • Technology: Customized GE Predix UI Running SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP)
  • Venue: SAS Global Forum

Industrial Motor Demo

Enhancing the user experience for IoT! We teamed up with SAS to create one of the most popular demonstrations at the SAS Global Forum. Folks lined up to view an industrial motor that took real-time data from its vibration sensors, ran it through SAS ESP to monitor and control the motor in the event an issued occurred. SAS ESP processed the motor’s streaming data and our UI consumed it, bringing IoT analytics to life. Visitors could experience firsthand how user experience design can drive valuable insights for business executives, maintenance engineers and operators whether they are in the cloud, on edge or extreme edge.

Some quick highlights:

  • Prioritized early warning alerts for a fleet of motor in the manufacturing space.
  • Automated corrective action on motor speed gives more time to schedule a repair avoiding downtime.
  • Mobile text alerts to maintenance engineers.
  • Connection status and management of all assets and more.
Connected Manufacturing - Industrial Motor Demo